Manufacturing & Technology

Production technology

Customer focuses approach, which is a priority in the company MATECS, guarantees the ideal solutions tailored to the individual needs of each customer. It is also a decisive factor for the customer satisfaction. The team of talented people every day do their best to implement the customer requirements . Its versatility and professionalism is proved every day, finding satisfactory solutions for non-standard solutions.
Production technology

Molding injection

Injection machines from ARBURG and ENGEL let us to obtain the clamping force of 400 kN to 3,500 kN. The company MATECS is ready to search for the tailor made solutions to the individual needs of each client.

Overmolding technology of metal inserts with plastic or integration of several elements, including machining and assembling.

Complex solutions


A group of qualified employees, specialized in both the 100% control and the assembly of multiple plastic products, makes the company Matecs able to implement not only the production of components, but also value added services like assembly or special packaging.

Products are packaged in accordance with customer requirements (eg. dedicated packaging instructions, returnable packaging, rotating Kanban system).
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Production of nonwoven insulations
based on glass fibers

Production technology

Production of nonwoven insulation based on glass fibres

The most important expectation and desire of most of the people became the ability to save energy while maintaining high standards of living. The searching for intelligent solutions in this field is caused by a progressive change in our climate as well as the impoverishment of natural resources.

MATECS produces nonwoven materials, which allow to obtain suitable heat insulation and above all to obtain very good energy balance. The advantage of insulation materials GLAX® , products based on E-Glass , is also a low emissions product at high temperatures. This allows the company to obtain the certificate issued by LGA.
Production technology

Production of composite materials

Thermosetting materials
GLAX® Powder mat is a semi-finished product of glass fibers with a solid phenolic-resin matrix which can be delivered as a thermo-fixed fiber mat and transformed by heat and pressure into a thermoset final-product.

Thermoplastic materials
GLAX® Powder mat is a semi-finished product of glass fibers with a thermoplastic matrix (e.g. PP) which will be delivered as a thermo-fixed fiber mat and can be transformed by heat and pressure into a thermoplastic final-product. The GLAX® powder mat as a thermoplastic solution belongs to the group of LWRT materials (Light Weight Reinforced Thermoplastics). GLAX has been invented by and will be produced by MATECS.